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Open the Gates & Seize the Day!

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Open the Gates and Seize the Day!

Open the Gates and Seize the Day!

Oh the glory of gleaming white tiles!

In preparing to put our house on the market, we finalized all those last minute projects we probably should have tackled years ago. Our teal and maroon bathroom was first on the list. Yes, dark maroon tile with a lovely teal border. Teal and maroon… 1970s Philly’s baseball uniform teal and maroon.

Check out this newly transformed shiny white bathroom! All that glorious white could not go unadorned… it was time to seize the opportunity and seize the day. I was on a strict budget, because we were hoping our time in the house was limited, but I felt 2 hand towels, 1 bath rug, and a little inspiration from the Newsies worked great! Every morning started just a little happier with a shiny bright bathroom and Newsies tunes spinning in my head. I have a feeling these may reappear in our new home!

I can’t wait to keep painting walls and decorating rooms in our new place… patience is tough!


1. I used AmeriType font for the text, (downloaded for free from

2. I cut the phrase out of teal Bazzill cardstock using my Silhouette SD (obsessed with single color Bazzill cardstock).

3. I then traced an image of a man clicking his heels using the Silhouette software and cut the image in white Bazzill cardstock using my Silhouette SD.

4. I adhered my Newsie using foam tape, to give the image some depth.

5. I framed the images in white 8×10 frames from Target.

Confession of a *wannabe* crafter… I referred to the User’s manual for help with the “trace” feature!!  I am love my Silhouette SD… and now Cameo (bashful face), but am still discovering all the potential!  I discovered a whole new world!

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