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Edible Undie Cookies

Edible Undies for Stephanie's Bachelorette Party

My dear friend Stephanie is getting married in April.  Stephanie and I have been friends since high school, through all

the high school, college, and 9 to 5 highs and lows!  As her bachelorette party approached, I knew I wanted to do something fun and different, with a traditional bachelorette party flair.  My only hesitation was that Stephanie has lived in Kansas City since high school, and I wasn’t exactly sure how much bachelorette party “flair” her friends would find appropriate!  (Stephanie is always up for anything!) (more…)

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Fun with Fondant

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Superhero Cake

Isaac's Superhero Cake

I have always loved to bake, and in honor of being a wannabe foodie, I always decorated my desserts using simple and complimentary ingredients to enhance the flavor of the dessert (fruit, chocolate, nuts, herbs, etc).  Although intrigued by serious cake decorating, I quickly judged fondant covered cakes as adult play dough.  I would never subject my taste buds to such mediocrity, when I could cover my cakes in rich butter cream, tangy cream cheese, or dark chocolate fudge!  Who wants a cake that looks good, when you can eat a cake that tastes good?!? (more…)


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